A cream packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals, firm up skin, and increase elasticity

I've been curious about Skin & Lab's Red Cream because of all the wonderful ingredients they use in this moisturizer. With Damask Rose, Niacinamide, pomegranate, cloudberry, raspberry, blueberry, acai, and Chinese desert-thorn, it's packed with antioxidants that help restore your skin and decrease the signs of aging.

Rose Stem Cells regenerate and strengthen your skin barrier, protecting it from environmental stress while making it look plump and firm. Rose extracts have long been used for their anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties along with their abundance in vitamins, minerals and nourishing oils. This rich cream improves skin tone, smooths texture, and controls oiliness. It also prevents skin oxidation and damage of collagen which is essential for youthful looking skin.

If your skin is looking dull, lackluster, or you're in need of tackling fine lines and wrinkles, this cream will become a favorite of yours. Vitamins A, C, and E from berry extracts promote cellular turnover, revealing clearer and brighter skin. Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids from acai brings to life your dry and rough complexion. It will also leave your skin feeling hydrated. 

I'm halfway through the jar and I'm impressed by this cream. I apply it on my neck as well. A little goes a long way so for the price it will last you a while. I think this cream would be very beneficial to tackle dryness in the winter time because it's lightweight but "thick". At first it might feel sticky but it adheres to your skin, allowing it to absorb quickly without feeling sticky or greasy. It also smells like freshly cut roses, which might be pleasant for some, a little too much for others if you're sensitive to smell. 

Skin & Lab is a sister company of I'm From, another Korean beauty brand that makes stellar skincare products. You might be familiar with I'm From's Honey Serum, Honey Glow Cream, Mugwort Essence, Pear Serum, or Rice Toner. Skin & Lab is a global derma brand for sensitive skin but their products can be used by everyone.

Color: white

Weight: 50 ml / 1.69 fl oz 

Scent: like freshly cut roses 

How it feels: it's thick in texture and almost sticky when you first apply it but it absorbs well and quickly into your skin. If you prefer a dewy finish, this is the cream for you. 

PROS: It leaves my skin feeling soft and dewy, and very moisturized throughout the day. After a few weeks I noticed less dryness and a more brighter complexion. It's a good night time moisturizer as your skin will feel very supple and soft, and your lines "filled in" when you wake up. As far as wrinkles and fine lines, I didn't notice a drastic change, but I think you might need to use this cream longer and more consistently to see that. I do however see more plumpness in the skin especially around my cheeks.

This would be an ideal cream to use with gua sha as it's very moisturizing, and the vitamins and antioxidants can be absorbed better while massaging it with a roller or stone. For anti-aging, hydration, and dewy skin, this is a very good cream to improve your complexion. The scent to me is like fresh roses which I don't find offensive, but if you're sensitive to fragrances it might be too much. The price point is good too especially for the quality of the ingredients.

CONS: After a few weeks I can see improvement in my complexion but I think longer and consistent use, and incorporating it into your skincare regimen would help you see the results you are striving for.  Like other reviews of this product, I wish the product came in a bigger size. Please keep in mind it's only 1.69 fl oz (or 50 ml) so yes, it's on the smaller side but it does last. I use this mostly at nighttime and after a month and a half I still have half of the jar left. Lastly, if you're not into florals, then the scent might be strong for you. Fragrances are subjective so while I prefer light scents or none, this one is not overwhelming for me.

Since I prefer a dewy feel and look to my skin, this is a win. I like this cream and how it makes my skin look. If you're looking to enhance your skincare routine, this cream has some amazing ingredients and it's available now for $29! 

Skin & Lab Dr. Color Effect Red Cream

Hydrating anti-aging cream with Damask Rose, Niacinamide, and berries.

Nutrient-rich cream is infused with Damask Rose, Niacinamide, pomegranate, cloudberry, raspberry, blueberry, acai, Chinese Desert-thorn for healthy skin.

Improves skin tone and texture, prevents skin oxidation, boosts collagen, and helps firm your skin. 



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