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Okachi Gliya Handheld Massager with Light Photo Therapy

The Okachi Gliya 5 in 1 Handheld Face Massager with 5 LED Light Photo Therapy has been one of my favorite tools to use to apply my essences and serums at night. I found a very popular Korean influencer on Instagram using this tool and her skin was absolutely glowing and tight. She used the red light setting for her face and neck. Unlike LED Face Masks, this one is handheld and ergonomic so you control where and what areas you want to target.

With 5 modes of color therapy you can treat the specific needs of your skin while giving it a nice massage. The red light promotes collagen and elasticity, yellow helps revitalize your lymphatic system and helps with wrinkles, blue helps destroy acne causing bacteria and improves oily skin, and purple lightens and strengthens your skin tissue. Lastly, the flashing purple setting aids in the absorption of serums, essence or creams.

It also has a low, medium, and high option so you can choose the intensity of the massage. After I cleanse my face and apply toner, I use the massager to help my skin absorb my essence and serums, sometimes even my moisturizer. I like that I can choose the different light therapy depending on what my skin needs, and the intensity. It's only been a few weeks but I noticed my skin looks brighter, and there's a bit of a plumpness back in my skin. My skin tone has even improved. Even just as a massager it feels really good on your face and neck, as it's supposed to help boost your collagen!

This handheld LED photo therapy massager has 5 different lights to combat acne, boost collagen and elasticity, and firm up sagging skin.

This handheld LED Photo Light Therapy has 5 lights to tackle your skin concerns. Red light therapy boosts collagen and elasticity for smoother, youthful skin.

Purple light therapy strengthens skin tissue, and lightens scars and hyperpigmentation.

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